Paupio turgus
A green, vibrant, and buzzing market
Piano Piano
A restaurant with Italian tradition
Chačapuri Bistro
Flavors of Georgian bistro
Yakitori Grill Boutique
House of flavors of Eastern culture
Burna House
High-quality Lithuanian gastronomy bar
Druska Miltai Vanduo
Masters of exceptional product quality
Taiwanese pearl tea house
Šampano balkonas
A bar serving selected champagnes, wines, and legendary snacks
Lipskio alinė
Vilnius history bar
The central bar of Paupys
Exotic flavors restaurant
Wraperia Suppa Kebs
Berliner kebabs
Bebro blyninė
House of pancakes made with love
Home of the salad bowls with colorful flavors
Burger Kiosk
Home of the authentic burger experts
Peri Peri
Extraordinary chicken restaurant
Mussel and seafood restaurant
Wasabi Sushi
Quality seafood and sushi restaurant
La Paella
Spanish flavors restaurant