The “Darnu Group” comprises thirty real estate and construction companies and a group of sports, wellness, and hotel management companies.

Decades of expertise in developing real estate projects have resulted in a clear understanding of the essence of any city: dynamism driven by individuals.

Responding to needs and digging deeper

When we create, we first consider whom we are creating for. Finding a balance between the needs of society, uniting differences, and bringing together what at first glance appears to be disparate is what coherence means for us. We want the spaces we develop to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Quality and respect for the environment

We feel responsible for the way we build. Our belief in longevity means we use the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and durable materials in our development. We pay special attention to nature: preserving and nurturing it in the city, expanding green spaces, and organizing educational initiatives.


A harmonious environment brings joy, inspires, revitalizes, and creates a sense of pride. Individuals can spread their wings, stretch, and find pleasure by simply turning their eyes. Our award-winning architects and designers focus on finding solutions that create a sense of joy.

A living city

Wishing to create a living city, we develop projects with spaces that can become future centers of attraction. We initiate events and exhibitions in the areas we create, invest in art installations, and constantly look for ways to foster community.


Total area of residential, commercial office, industrial and other purpose buildings constructed by 2024
507 000 m2
The developed commercial and residential projects are worth
749,5 mln. €
Portfolio of mixed-use projects, both under development and already completed