The light installation “Rieduliai” is like a monument to a long-gone ice age, traces of which can be found during the construction of the Paupys district.

The luminous stones are made using the stamps of natural stones from the Vilnia. Their glow is a creative way to draw attention to climate change: in the evening, the pleasantly luminous stones resemble a piece of ice illuminated by the sun and mimic its melting.

Linas Kutavičius

Linas Kutavičius is a light artist who designs and produces functional light objects. He also founded the multi-disciplinary artist community “T.E.M.A.” (International Experimental Art Action) in 2009. And in 2003 – the “Lightforms” studio, a group of artists experimenting with light installations.

L. Kutavičius admires minimalism and organics.