“Paupys Guides” are five walks through an alternate reality in the form of interactive sci-fi stories set to the tune of soundtracks by Lubomir Grzelak, DJ JM, Miša Skalskis, Gediminas Jakubka and Pijus Džiugas Meižis.

These aren’t your ordinary audio guides: the five stories (titled “Meditation”, “Corporation”, “Awakening”, “Hyper Hearing” and “Motivation”) allow you to experience the nature and architecture of Paupys anew, transforming the familiar landscape of the district.

To experience this audio-guided walk, you will need a smartphone with an internet connection and a pair of headphones. Pick a story you like and let the voice guide your steps.

Follow the guides at www.paupiogidai.lt 

Žygimantas Kudirka

Žygimantas Kudirka is a writer, artist and performer, and also a member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association. His creative output often takes surprising forms and makes use of interactive solutions where the reader or listener has to complete the story themselves.

Kudirka has published a book of interactive poetry, released seven music albums and given hundreds of performances in Lithuania and abroad in Lithuanian, English, as well as some made-up languages. He actively creates contemporary art pieces and performances (participating in such events as the Baltic Triennial and the Venice Biennale) and has received numerous awards for his work.