“Klaidžiotojų žemėlapis” invites you to discover Paupys District from a different perspective.

By following the directions on the map and spotting the ceramic objects installed at various locations, you will discover some great spots for picnics, kisses, or for relax with a book and much more. The playful map and the objects that have become an extension of it form an educational piece of art, inviting guests to search for and discover tiny fragments of history and learn about the facts that shaped Paupys into what it is today.

Akvilė Magicdusté

Akvilė Magicdusté  is an artist and an illustrator. A Vilnius Academy of Arts and Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel graduate, Akvile Magicdusté has held exhibitions of her works in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Vienna and Vilnius. She has also published two graphic novels, “Tropical Wildchilds” (2018) and “Bees” (Bitės) (2021).

Her works blur the lines between lifestyle and art, neatly intertwining fiction with poetic and autobiographic stories.