This sculpture of the “Dobermanė” (She-Doberman) dog is an exact replica of a Doberman sculpture created almost 15 years ago and still standing in the capital’s Gediminas Avenue—the well-known work dates to the 90s.

The company “Mineraliniai vandenys”, now called “MV GROUP Distribution LT”, acquired the original part of the installation by the artist Svajūnas Kižis – the Doberman. They placed it in front of their shop to protect it and to create a pleasant atmosphere. The original sculpture was stolen, but in 2006, when an optician’s shop opened on the same site, the statue was newly cast by the artist Eimantas Ludavičius and decorated with glasses. Almost 15 years later, E. Ludavičius has cast another bronze sculpture of a Doberman to mark the 30th anniversary of “MV GROUP Distribution LT”. Legend has it that if you stroke the head of this she-Doberman dog standing in Paupys and make a wish in your mind, it will soon come true.

Eimantas Ludavičius

Eimantas Ludavičius is a Lithuanian metal artist whose work is characterized by the principles of postmodernism, versatility, and diversity. The artist won the 2016 Lithuanian Government Culture and Arts award. He creates sculptures, objects, drawings, and other works of art; his work combines various tools and materials, often making the viewer believe that the work is made of a completely different material than it appears. Considering the history of the place and its contemporary use, the artist has developed new identities for institutions, shops, hotels, and restaurants all around Vilnius.