A new kinesitherapy club has opened in the Paupys area – “PAUPIO KINEZIOTEKA”, which is helping to solve spine and joints problems: hernias, pain, injuries and so on.

Qualified physiotherapists provide personalized training programs based on the latest advances in kinesitherapy, using the experience of the Dikul and Bubnovsky clinics and innovative equipment.

Paupio str. 50, Vilnius, Lithuania
I-V 09:00-19:00

Movement therapy has been successfully working in more than 150 medical centers around the world for more than thirty years.

Modern machines with electronic scales and artificial intelligence allow you to select exercises individually for each patient in the safest and most efficient way. All specialists are licensed kinesiotherapists.

The club has a convenient location, a spacious hall, comfortable locker rooms equipped with saunas, showers and cold baths for contrasting water treatments, which is part of the recovery complex.