Convenience store
A modern, next-generation bank
A bakery that smells like home
Gintarinė vaistinė
Professional pharmacist advice and personalized solutions to customer health problems
Exclusive stationery and café
Kava tau
Open to anyone looking for a quality cup of coffee
Kavos reikalai
A place for slower coffee rituals
Vero Cafe
Coffee from the far corners of the world
Suchockytės galerija EN
Lithuanian artist, graphic designer and book illustrator art gallery
Home to a wide range of books
La Marquise
Dessert with an authentic French flavor
Italian quality bicycle and coffee house

The once vibrant Paupio territory inevitably shaped what we are today. History plays a prominent role in defining the identity of the district and serves as a vital aspect for understanding the tapestry of our present-day identity.

The art that becomes a meeting place is more than just art. It serves as both the backdrop and foundation for conversations, facilitating new connections, offering a respite to slow down and feast upon visual delights. In Paupys, there are numerous such places art thrives in the open air, inviting the curious and longing to breathe life into the passersby.