Edited Glow
A safer alternative to suntanning
Royal Sun
Next-Generation hybrid solarium welcoming You in elegant luxury
Mano gėlės
Fresh flower salon for special occasions
V2o juvelyrika
High jewelry boutique
Relaxing dental clinic
Comprehensive children's education facility
The House of Drops
Home to unique, niche fragrances
Kino Pasaka
A cinema boutique of carefully selected films
Piano Piano
A restaurant with Italian tradition
Paupio turgus
A green, vibrant, and buzzing market
A fashion house with a contemporary approach

The once vibrant Paupio territory inevitably shaped what we are today. History plays a prominent role in defining the identity of the district and serves as a vital aspect for understanding the tapestry of our present-day identity.

The art that becomes a meeting place is more than just art. It serves as both the backdrop and foundation for conversations, facilitating new connections, offering a respite to slow down and feast upon visual delights. In Paupys, there are numerous such places art thrives in the open air, inviting the curious and longing to breathe life into the passersby.